The best curry in Singapore: Curry Fish Head

The best curry in Singapore: Curry Fish Head
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If you’re looking for the best curry in Singapore you’ve come to the right place.  

For those of you that don’t know me, I am a curry fanatic.  I can’t say when it started or how, but I have always loved curry from a very young age.  I can still remember in middle school when they would serve a Massaman style curry one day a week  (international school) and I would be licking the plate at the end and wondering what the heck they put in there that made it taste so good!  Fast forward 15 years later and needless to say I’m still a big fan of Indian, Thai, Malay, and Afghani/Middle eastern food.

One of the local favorite dishes here in Singapore is the called the Curry Fish Head and everyone told me if I like curry, it’s a must try.   I’ll be brutally honest, I wasn’t that excited to try it at first even though it’s fish & curry: two of my favorite things to eat…separately.   I think it has something to do with the name “Curry Fish Head”.   Anytime you’re eating something with fish head in the name, it just doesn’t sound that appetizing.  Boy was I wrong.

My quest for the curry fish head began as a typical Friday night.  I was starving per usual and headed up to Ang Ma Kio  – a nearby train station where there is a nice open food market.   I walked around for a while but didn’t see anything that caught my eye.  It was mostly Chinese food and I needed something new.   I kept walking and ended up coming across a Mosque and then another little market that was entirely Muslim/Halal food.   As I checked out the stalls I realized I was definitely the only Westerner in the place and it was filling up fast as everyone was coming out from Friday prayers.  What better way to embrace the culture!

One of the places had a great looking picture of a fish head in a bowl and I thought, sure, this place is definitely authentic enough so I’ll give it a try.    When my food finally arrived I was taken back at how big the platter was; not what I was expecting.   It was in the kind of platter you would put in the middle of the table for Thanksgiving.  I immediately realized this is a dish that needs to be shared with a family of five.

Yes, I ate the eyeballs.  Although they were very hard and didn’t have any taste.

At first glance I didn’t see any fish and then as I started to dig my spoon around I found there was a whole entire Snapper under my mountain of yellow/orange curry.

Oh boy!!! I was in heaven.

This was literally the best curry dish I had ever tasted in my whole life.   The curry was a Kerala (south Indian) style made with okra, eggplant, and tamarind which gives it a slight sweet/sour taste.   The Curry Fish Head dish actually originated from South India but now everywhere (Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore) has there own unique variation.   It was the perfect blend of spices, coconut, fish, and vegetables that made it seem like it was melting in your mouth.

Not too sweet, not too spicy, just right.

As I finished the entire plate of curry goodness I could see the two girls at the counter laughing because I was again licking the plate to the last drop.   They must of thought I was crazy for eating it all in one sitting.  I highly recommend trying the fish head curry in Singapore and don’t let the name or the sight of fish in your curry scare you away!  Also check out the Padi Emas BBQ and Seafood stall near Ang Ma Kio for a great curry.

Girls laughing at me from the counter!

I had to go for seconds so here is another curry fish head dinner I had a couple days later.   This one is a little different and more of a Asam style which has more spice to it.  It was only a small fish fillet instead of the entire fish but delicious as well!  I had this meal at the Toa Payoh upstairs food court at one of the Malaysian stalls.

Great cut of fish in this one!
What can I say, I was on a curry kick.

The next curry I tried was completely unintentional.  I went for a late breakfast and popped into a little Chinese bakery near (Mr. Youtiao) at the Novena MRT and decided to go native with the traditional Chinese seafood porridge.   Little did I know that with the seafood porridge you also get fried dough – Chinese call it Youtiao — that you dip in an amazing Massaman curry!

All I can say is WOW.  Though I would not encourage everyone to go out and eat curry for breakfast, this hit the spot for me.


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