About the Blog:

Welcome and thanks for checking out “Keepitsambal” where I’ll post about my food experiences as I travel the globe.  The inspiration for the blog came about as I was traveling Southeast Asia and came across so many interesting and unique dishes.  I wanted a way to share all the amazing foods, cultures, and cuisines this world has to offer and I felt telling a little story behind the food was the best way to do so.  So voila, the blog was born!  Hope you enjoy!

About Me:

I am an adventurous eater who is not shy when it comes to going outside my comfort zone with food.  I also very much enjoy spicy foods hence the blog name.   I’ve always been very interested in learning where our food comes from and the story behind how it reaches our mouths.   I’m really fascinated with understanding the delicate balance of sustainable farming and fishing practices in order to feed the globe.

I’m currently living in Guam. I have previously lived in the U.S mainland (Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Florida, and California), Singapore, and Japan.

I do have a day job where I work in renewable energy projects which supports my thirst to travel the world.   Whether I’m traveling or working, in my free time I love to fish, hike, run, invest, experiment with photography, and jam on my keyboard or guitar.  Oh yeah and eat good food!